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        by Chiara Spagnoli Andrea Marinelli, a promising Italian journalist pursues his quest: accomplish the coverage of 2012’s US Presidential Elections State-to.State. His greatest allies have been crowdfunding, hitchhiking and CouchSurfing. The entire chronicle, initially reported on his blog, has become a self-published book “L’Ospite: Pullman, divani e autostop all’inseguimento delle  [ Read More ]


PATRICK MC MULLAN the interview by Chiara Spagnoli from New York city Patrick Mc Mullan, world wide known photographer, columnist and television personality, has the largest collection of topical photo-archives of famous people. His eclectic talent, that embraces all media, draws the best from every human being he meets, be it through a photograph, an  [ Read More ]


Interview to the son and director Claudio Risi Regarded by many as Dino Risi's finest film, The Easy Life (Il Sorpasso) casts Vittorio Gassman as Bruno, a jaded, ageing roue, who introduces young Roberto Mariani Jean-Louis Trintignant to his hedonistic lifestyle. Previously a man with a purpose in life, Roberto soon becomes as wanton and  [ Read More ]


VALJEAN The acclaimed Broadway production Les Miz that will soon be out in movie theatres, will not devour this smaller low budget production that enhances the story of Jean Valjean. Victor Hugo’s character has been remoulded by Fulvio Crivello (the director), Sandro Cuccuini (composer) and Fabrizio Rizzolo (lyricist). But the changes concern the plot alone,  [ Read More ]