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Yacht Club De Monaco Club House on May 2016 Fashion, art, jewelry, luxury, but also compassion for the less fortunate, lived on May  in Montecarlo, during a unique event of its kind, a three-day luxury and art, fully dedicated to made in Italy, in one of the most beautiful places of the French coast, the  [ Read More ]


by Ilaria Rebecchi I live in a peaceful place, called Vicenza: it’s a little city full of factories and countryside, where technologies, economy and innovations are the most important things in our lives, even though sometimes it seems to me I live in a very quiet city, where “nothing really happens, day by day”. Nothing  [ Read More ]

La fanciulla del west

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi A new edition of Giacomo Puccini’s ‘La fanciulla del West’ tributes the world of filmmaking, at the Milanese Teatro alla Scala. The three-act opera — based on the play ‘The Girl of the Golden West by the American author David Belasco —  tributes the fortitude of the miners who would cross  [ Read More ]

La cena delle beffe

  By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi Umberto Giordano’s four act opera ‘La cena delle beffe’ (The Jester’s Supper), adapts Sem Benelli’s 1909 play of the same name. The story, set in Florence at the time of Lorenzo de’ Medici, accounts the rivalry between Giannetto Malespini and Neri Chiaramantesi for the affections of the beautiful Ginevra. Neri  [ Read More ]

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  by Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi Colouring books are the new worldwide trend. The act of colouring has proven, in a very short period of time to be therapeutic, mediative, creative and addictively beneficial. IN 2015 alone, the sales of colouring books in America have reached 1 to 1.12 million units. Riding the craze of the  [ Read More ]