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Robert McKee, guru of storytelling, mentor to the most acclaimed contemporary screenwriters in the world such as Paul Haggis, is about to start his autumn calendar of lectures around the world.

He will be giving two different kinds of seminars – one is his classic STORY Seminar, the other is GENRE Seminar. In STORY Seminar, he will lecture on the classic story design: structure, substance, style, and the principle of writing for page, stage and screen. Whilst in GENRE Seminar, he will lecture on thriller, comedy, love story and TV series in four days.

Robert McKee has helped story creators win 49 Oscars as well as 170 Emmys. Whether delivered through his books, seminars or digital platforms, McKee’s trademark combination of classical learning, passion for his subject and unrelenting drive to write the truth has resulted in him becoming the story whisperer of his age – an Aristotle for today’s media world.

Here are the dates to register to the upcoming seminars on
Beijing, China GENRE (Sep 20-23)
Kiev, Ukraine STORY (Oct 11-14)
Moscow, Russia GENRE (Oct 18-21)
Seoul, Korea STORY (Oct 29-Nov1)
London, England STORY ( Nov 22-25)
Paris, France STORY (Nov 28-Dec 1)



By Chiara Spagnoli


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