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“Black Lightning”



7.5 / 10

Combining the strongest USA’s garage rock with the so hot soul voice by Lisa Kekaula, The BellRays, from 1990 on the top of the American alternative music charts, happily make a gift to all of their fans (and not only), mixing, as usual, blues lessons and punk attitude, in their new album, “Black Lightning”, an adrenalinic concentrate of Lisa’s voice attacks and his husband Bob’s guitar kicks.
The album is a precious and heavy, at the same time, dynamic and soft rolling from MC5 to Janis Joplin, where the punky fury you can listen in the title-track is the opening for the amazingly sexy elegance in heavy attitude of songs like Power To Burn or Everybody Get Up, in a continuous interchange between power rock and voice fascinations.
Something you won’t be able to resist to, because of its mixture of anger and blues’ pain, sensual radio-love and the desire of hard rock rebellion.
Because “blues is the teacher, punk the preacher”!

black lightning
hell on earth
sun comes down
on top
power to burn
living a lie
everybody get up
close your eyes
the way


by Ilaria Rebecchi

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