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The day I discovered that Robert Sheehan (Nathan Youg, the immortal one) was about to leave Misfits, was too late to pipe up: was done, case dismissed, no way to hit back at this. Deeply tragic. I wandered myself if a TV serial can survive after having lost one of its strongest characters ever, specially the odd duck who dulls the high voltage of happenings so far away from comedy: I still can’t find an answer for my question. Whatever, it’s happened, and we all have to put up with the above-mentioned rout. About the hazy future of Misfits, time will tell.

After swallowing this bitter pill, I beat fate to the drawn and started to follow Robert on the net, looking for an ersatz to fill the lack I had already read about. I found him playing the guitar as a musician in Killing Bono (out on April, 2011), moved to the Middle Ages in Season of the witch (out on January 2011 in US, April 2011 in Italy), sailing the seven seas while reading a comic in Bleak Sea. Because of my deep love for maritime landscapes, I decided to investigate on this last film instead then the others. First of all there was no release date: bloody hell! How can a movie be shoot without being issued? Can’t be for real. I read reviews, notices and summaries, hunting up a trailer, an interview at the director or one of the main characters (Robert Sheehan, Vincent Regan and Samuel Roukin, good God!), but the only thing I could find was this breaking news: the movie has been far away to be ready for a long long time, and at least it was not a pic, but just an idea by Giacomo Cimini, a young Italian artist who has been looking for a major to cooperate with till a few time ago.

His story touched my heart: after having been a student at the Roman Comic School, Cimini has moved to NY, attending at a course of film making and getting involved in a lot of short film’s production. In 2000 the turning point, his first personal short film, The invisibles, a comic strip-shaped story about real life. Then he comes back to Italy and collaborates with Enrico Caria in the making of his Black Jack, also directing Red hiding hood (his first full length movie) and a Pino Daniele’s music video, Sara. After this, a blank space: he makes a trailer, Bleak Sea, and tries to promote it in Venice, in London, where he actually lives, and in Cannes; he manages, winning the Trailermade 2010 competition, so that the Working Title group (The Big Lebowski, High Fidelity, Atonement and many others) joins the cause, buying the idea.

The synopsis, as you can find it on the net: “At the height of the Cold War, in the depths of the North Sea, a British submarine in search of an elusive Soviet weapon will find a far more terrifying enemy lurking in the deep.” Finally, a monster story! We missed it very much, here in Italy there seemed to be no room for horrors, in the last ten years. Honestly, in my opinion this sounds like “In loving memory of Lamberto Bava” (even if he is still alive), or someone like him. Impatiently waiting for it, we hope that

  1. the cast won’t change (not only because of Robert Sheehan)
  2. the monster will be scary, budget permitting
  3. the release date can be suitable to a lifetime, specially mine.

So that, let’s be patient and then… enjoy the show!

by Silvana Soffia

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