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A revenge film equally suited for art house cinephiles and die-hard genre fans.

IT’S ABOUT A BEACH BUM, whose quiet life is upended by dreadful news. He sets off for his childhood home to carry out an act of vengeance but proves an inept assassin and finds himself in a brutal fight to protect his estranged family.

BLUE RUIN is an engaging procedural account of a violent act and its aftermath. It’ll have the depth of an intimate character study and the velocity of an action flick. Amidst tragedy, subtle moments of humor and hope will shine through. Like plucking a character from a Hal Ashby film and tossing them into No Country for Old Men. Or if Wendy and Lucy got caught in the crossfire of Taxi Driver.

The violence portrayed in the film is brutal and graphic. It is by no means glorified and its futility resonates as a major theme throughout the story. But it would be disingenuous of me to pretend I wasn’t attracted to cinematic bloodshed. It’s an art form unto itself, visually arresting and universally compelling.

If you were expecting something more profound, I offer you this truth: the screenplay is a deeply personal exploration of parental mortality and the emotional toll it takes on surviving family members. But heartfelt motivations should not be of concern to you or to my audience; such things don’t make it to the big screen. Stories need to stand on their own.

So do directors. I’m hands-on. I’ve led large crews on commercial sets, I’ve shot award-winning films on shoestring budgets, I’ve sculpted prosthetic makeup appliances and trained dogs to perform stunts. What I’ve never done is use my broad skill set to realize something great. To that end, I humbly ask for your support. Put your faith in my team and we will come through. I’ll happily stake my career on it.

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