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Daniel Noah, director of Max Rose, a feature film being presented in a Special Screening, as well as the film’s actors, including the great Jerry Lewis, took part with in the customary excercise of the press conference amid general hilarity. Selected extracts below.

Daniel Noah, on the film’s origins:
The character of Max was inspired by my grandfather, who died in 2003. He was a jazz composer in Chicago and was very successful, then that dwindled and he worked on making his marriage as successful as possiblee. I watched how he adapted following my grandmother’s death. I felt as if I could feel his sadness.

Jerry Lewis tells how he reacted when he received the script:
I contacted Daniel Noah immediately and told his that I would be at the studio the next day. It is the best script I have had the chance to read in 40 years. And it’s the first time I’ve accepted a role so quickly!

Jerry Lewis, on his role:
This script is a tribute to old people. So I had to take everything I’ve done since I turned 60 and put it in a suitcase before going to meet Daniel Noah. I had to show the beauty of the relationship that unites these two people. It’s a film that fills you with happiness. A lot of spectators will feel immense happiness when they see it.
When you come across a script of this calibre in your lifetime, it changes the chemistry of your physiology and your behaviour starts to be infuenced by the atmosphere of the script. It’s difficult to not dive into the character on hundred per cent. Daniel Noah has set down in black and white what he has in his heart.

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