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In a city that is dying, Billy, a single mother of two children, is driven slowly in the shallows of a dark and macabre world, while Bones, his eldest son, discovers a secret route menantà a sunken city. Billy and his son will face many obstacles in their families to ensure
Ryan Gosling on the movie:
“In many respects , this film is the gift that made me the directors with whom I had the chance to
work in recent years. As an actor, I went films deeply rooted in thereal Derek Cianfrance the imagination of Nicolas Winding Refn . I think I have oscillated between these two extreme because my own sensibility, as
director lies somewhere between the two .
At the time of filming MARKETS AUTHORITY I discovered Detroit, a city that lives today at the border of these two realities . same if I spent only a few days , this city has me deeply marked . She was on the verge of bankruptcy.
There was deserted neighborhoods of extending a sixty kilometers and in some corners these neighborhoods , parents trying to raise their children no two houses burned or demolished. Detroit is the cradle of yet Ford T, Motown and the American middle class. In one time it was even Postcard American , but today for families dream these neighborhoods , the dream turned into a nightmare.
But there is still much hope remains there. There is a great collective consciousness Detroit, she deserves that is inspired . it was and what it will be again one day remains still alive today. I knew it had to
I do something there . I went back several times next year,  try to keep track of the forequarters
they are demolished or destroyed. I started  invent a story that would not take place in
Strait but Lost River, a fictional town in the past  imaginary. Fragments of history are little me just appeared: a family that loses its home,  mysterious secret hidden beneath the surface … I  delved into fantasy movies general public  80 with which I grew up, and I spent the  references to the prism of sensitivity I have gained  since in cinema. From there, the story  LOST RIVER began to emerge in the  as a dark fairy tale, with the city in the  role of the damsel in distress, and characters  similar to pieces of a broken dream, which try to rebuild.”

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