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Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne attended the inevitable Press conference for their film in Competition Two Days, One Night. To answer the journalists’ questions, the acting duo Fabrizio Rongione and Marion Cotillard were by their side, as well as the producer, Denis Freyd. Highlights.
The key role of solidarity in Two Days, One Night, according to Jean-Pierre Dardenne: “We’ve tried to show how the solidarity that Sandra experiences,  and how her husband’s support change this woman’s life so that she can say in the end: “I put up a fight, I’m happy.”
And Luc Dardenne adds: “I think that solidarity is still possible today. In any case that’s what the film sets out to show.”
Marion Cotillard on the acting skills, which led journalists to believe that the scenes were improvised:
“It took a lot of work to create that sense of truth and that impression of improvisation. Nothing is improvised in fact.”
Fabrizio Rongione on the importance of rehearsals in the films by the
Dardenne brothers: “With the two brothers, the idea of rehearsal is fundamental – every scene is rehearsed. We do several takes in order to achieve the near-perfect convergence of the actors’  bodies and the movement of the camera. Rehearsal is a key word in their filmmaking.”
Marion Cotillard on the Dardenne brothers’ concept of cinema : “When we began rehearsing, they spoke about the viewers, which is quite rare. On some shoots, you don’t even dare mention them. Jean-Pierre and Luc make films for viewers. There are certain things they want them to experience.

Highlights selected by Tarik Khaldi

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