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by Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

Fyodor Dostoyevsky depicted with efficacy how gambling can engage human kind, when he said “But gamblers know how a man can sit for almost twenty-four hours at cards, without looking to right, or to left.” In a world where the roulette and cards have now found a virtual form, casinos are accessible from your very home.

Today if you want to try the thrill of online games, Latest Casino Bonuses is “the home of the best online casino bonuses & no deposit bonuses.” This platform constantly reviews all the online casinos to find the best casino bonuses available for different games and rank each one, such as blackjack, poker, slots, craps, baccarat, video poker, roulette, sicbo, and bingo.

Joshua Armstrong, after completing a commerce IT degree at the university of Western Sydney, in the year 2000 started working for his older brothers brand new start-up called Pureprofile. This was what forged him to become CEO of Latest Casino Bonuses less than a decade later.

In this Exclusive Interview, Joshua Armstrong describes his rise to becoming the guru of online games and the way his platform guarantees its players:

What was your experience at Pureprofile like, and how was the journey to setting up your own start-up?

I was fresh out of university and had never worked in an office before so it was definitely a jolt to the system. I started working 12 hour days in the beginning because as a start-up we had so much to do and the energy of the team was high. In the early days funding was tight so some months we were not paid but were offered shares instead, as time went on the business became steady and I settled into a Flash developer position where I used my skills creating the advertisements the members would be paid $1 to watch. The great thing was I got to see the business grow from 3 people to 40 and witness the challenges the business had with funding and restructuring.This first hand knowledge taught me a lot which helped me in growing Latest Casino Bonuses into the successful business it is today.

How does work?

LCB’s business model is to bring value to the players and in turn we receive a marketing fee from the casinos. We bring the value by comparing all the online casinos bonuses with each other and then ranking them by certain factors to show which bonuses are best for certain casino games. You see each online casino takes a certain amount of risk to attract new players or bring existing players back by offering them bonuses, for example a casino may say I’ll give you 100% bonus up to $100 to try our casino but you must wager that bonus 10 times before you can cash out. What this essentially means is that when you deposit $100 you will find $200 in your balance and before you can cash out you need to make bets totalling $1000 ($100 bonus times 10). So with the 870 online casinos we have in our database (more added every week) all offering different bonuses that are playable at different games our system sorts through all of that and shows a person that likes to play blackjack (or any other game) the best casino to deposit at.

We have taken this a step further due to becoming a very large portal and now contacting these online casinos and requesting exclusive bonuses for visitors to our site, essentially giving players even more value and this has a follow on effect attracting more players and then in turn demanding larger exclusive bonuses.

Are there restraints you put for gamblers?

We are not a government body, and our mission was always to bring value to the player, so we do not and have no real ability to stop a person from gambling. However we do provide a section on resources for problem gamblers ( We do have a large forum/community which we do monitor closely to make sure one gambler is not abusing another. We also offer support in the forum for players that have an issue or complaint about a certain casino in which we get involved and attempt to resolve. (

Do you like to gamble or is it just work for you?

I do like to gamble and I was just in Vegas touring the strip playing my favourite game Blackjack.I also play some poker at home both socially with friends and online.

What differentiates Latest Casino Bonuses from other gambling sites?

Most gambling portals show you a top 10 and say these are the best online casino, what they are essentially doing is showing you the 10 best casinos that pay them the most marketing fee and have no real depth in what they review other than to tell you the casino is great and you should sign up, this makes up 99.99% of the affiliate sites on the net in any industry.

What LCB does is provide real value to the player, we review all the casinos good or bad and keep the public informed, not only that but the players themselves can make comments or review each casino so new players can get a real world opinion before they make any decision before making a deposit. We also maintain our database with 3 dedicated people checking the terms and conditions at each casino to keep our information up to date. We do provide much more with some popular sections being free casino games of which we have over 2600, no deposit bonuses, land based casino reviews, game guides, jackpots monitor, live dealer and mobile. As I said we do offer much more but the site has over 50,000 pages so to list them all would be near impossible.

But that is not to say we do not respect some other sites in the industry that also keep it honest and bring value to players like and but these are very few and fair between.

How many users surf on your site?

Over 2 years we have had between 300,000 to 2,000,000 visits each month depending on time of year and the search engines latest results .

Are you planning a spin-off of Latest Casino Bonuses?

We have created some more dedicated sites that focus on popular topics that we have found on LCB, these are, and But we are not planning a full spin of site, we are redeveloping LCB to be faster and more user/mobile friendly which is about 50% of the way and we expect it to launch early next year.




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