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From the Ours band to solo-performances, Jimmy Gnecco spreads out his new album, “The Heart”, where passionate songwriting deals with his strong voice full of pathos, remembering Jeff Buckley and not forgetting his rock roots.
Some other good reasons to celebrate him as one of the most important underground songwriters of today.
Here’s the short chat with him about his brilliant career.

 – From the Ours’ rock mood to the urgence of song-writing in your solo album “The Heart”. Could you tell us why and why now?
JG: We had worked very hard on the last Ours record Mercy, and we were very proud of it. The record wasn’t released overseas and wasn’t pushed at all in the US. I just felt like it was time to do something else for a little while.

– I’ve read that most of the album’s songs have been inspired by the tragic event of your mother’s death. Has this writing been maybe therapeutic?
Yes, very much so. I feel grateful to have had an outlet for all of that emotion.

– What about your inspiration in composing?
I get inspired by everything throughout my day. I try to surround myself with constant stimulation and inspiration.

– The difference in creating in a band and alone?
It wasn’t all that different for me to tell you the truth. I normally hear the songs in their completed form. This time I just went and recorded them without explaining any of my thoughts to anyone else.

– On “The Heart” you’ve played everything…
Yes. It felt most natural for me at that point. Playing and composing everything gives you the sense of conquering what you’re creating.

– Which artists are you influenced by most?
Difficult to say, too much! I love so many different artists from all genres and time periods. Passion excites me in any form or style of music.

– What about the music world seen by someone on stage since ‘90s. How has this world changed, why and what about your personal evolution in writing and singing?
I have seen the trends and styles change a lot over the years, but for me I’ve tried to be consistent, and not change to fit into any trend. Sometimes technology creates new opportunities and I try to utilize it if it speaks to me. I hope that my voice has become better over the years, I am always striving to be better. Always chasing down a new song, or a new thought. I’m not happy about all of the auto tune that is going on in music today.

– Jeff Buckley: lots of yours and his fans still compare you two. What about your idea on him and his art?
I loved him very much. I don’t believe that I sound like him, but I think that when people hear me go from a whisper to a scream they make that comparison. It’s how I’ve used my voice for a very long time, and years before I knew of Jeff or his music. He was such a talent though. So good.

– What about the future of the Ours?
I’m not sure if I’ll make music under the name Ours anymore, but we’ll see.

“The Heart” –
“The Worst Tings Beautiful” –

by Ilaria Rebecchi

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  1. SarahBeth scrive:

    Thanks for the interview! 🙂

  2. Tracy scrive:

    Thank you for this interview. It’s great.

    One quibble, however. His band’s name is simply Ours. Not “the Ours.”

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