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Yacht Club De Monaco Club House on May 2016

Fashion, art, jewelry, luxury, but also compassion for the less fortunate, lived on May  in Montecarlo, during a unique event of its kind, a three-day luxury and art, fully dedicated to made in Italy, in one of the most beautiful places of the French coast, the exclusive Monte Carlo Yacht Club, the ship-shaped building, built by Lord Foster, home to the most prestigious club in the world for sports lovers of the sea and water sports and for the 1,200 members of the Club, of industrial and royal families around the world. The event was organized by Madam Cris Egger, recently knighted as Dame of the Dynastic Order of House of Savoy, who showcased excellence of Made in Italy during a fashion happening at the Nouveau Port Hercule of Monaco, in front of a refined and knowledgeable audience and Vips including the Prince Serge of Yugoslavia, son of Princess Maria Pia of Savoy, a m ember of ‘honor of the Yacht Club Monaco and the Etoile, singer, choreographer Lorraine Baricalla, along with numerous industrialists based in Monaco.
The companies have been carefully selected by Madame Egger, partner at DeGORSI Luxury Consutling, renowned events company in the world, that for years now operates internationally with various charity evenings of the luxury world, that changes and renews itself, with mission “Luxury is Art”, creating events and managing to combine the glamor of fashion with solidarity, couture jewelery with art and crafts, all made in Italy.
The catwalk show, under the stars twinkling in a uniquely beutiful night, at the exclusive New Port of Monte Carlo, presented the craftsmanship that comes from Puglia, the handmade Taisa Couture, that presented 28 unique pieces of its Pret Couture, the result of made in Italy that that entire world respects; the magnificent models wore shoes of discerning designs presented by Alberto Adonai Showroom gallery (located inside the Palais de la Scala in Monaco), a real stage of the glamorous theater, also known as the icon of elegance, exclusivity and style.
Sparkling jewelry were by BERG, designed by uniquely tallented Nicola Pinna, from Sardegna., and, in front of the blue sea watching Italy, the models wore accessories of Marina Corazziari, “stolen” by the sea: Marina Corazziari, renowned jewelry designer, fresh after celebrating thirty years of her career during AltaRoma – Section “in Town”, who for this occasion in Monaco, shwon jewelry made with amber, pearls, jade, amethyst, mother of pearl, coral, topaz and aquamarine, strictly by hand.
MR Juan Tamenne de Levinfosse Honorary president of Rolls Royce Club was partner and organized All Rolls Royce to be the scenic part of Event .Beautiful models, wore the excellence of Made in Italy elegantly, complementing the imposing presence o fvintage Rolls Royces, presented by the Monaco Rolls Royce Azur Club, with some dream cars models with enviable age of 80 years.
And finally the art, in the background, the exhibition of works by Italian Galeazzo von Morl, legendary character born in an aristocratic 11th century family from Trentino-Alto Adige region, who has always been closely involved in the artistic life of Monaco.
MonteCarlo Showcase of Excellence, in its new edition, presented itself as an important event, both in terms of glamour and luxury, seamlessly mingling aristocrats and jet setters of the French Riviera, with Italian beauty art.
Cristina Egger / De Gorsi Organization
Taisia Haute Couture
Adonai Shoes Monaco
Marina Corazziari Jewellery
Press Cristina Vannuzzi
PHOTO Credit Thierry TORRES

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