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Rent A Gent,, a new service for successful women, created by women, has launched. Women can now have a gorgeous man at their disposal, by their own rules.  Rent A Gent boasts an exclusive assortment of sexy, smart, and sophisticated men for rent.  Women can browse through a curated selection of men offering their talents, company, and assistance, for the day, evening, or hour.

Rent A Gent thoroughly reviews each male applicant in person before they can be part of the service, Afterward each finalist is evaluated by a panel of women.  Users of the site can shop by degree completed, special talent, height, body type, language, and location to find their ideal man.  Rent A Gent’s men are available to cook a gourmet meal, dance, give a guitar lesson, play an instrument, be a personal trainer, assemble furniture, or just serve as fabulous arm candy at an event.

After booking a gent online and selecting his service, users can choose his outfit to ensure he will look smashing. Rent A Gent offers a complimentary consultant service so customers could speak directly with a representative. Detailed reviews from past clients are available, as are the gents’ mini-resumes, pictures, bios, and special talents.  Rent A Gent is so confident in their services, they offer a money back guarantee if your gent doesn’t make you swoon.

Rent A Gent is breaking the mold and providing a valuable service not previously available for women.  Sara Shikhman, a former corporate attorney and serial entrepreneur who frequently speaks at e-commerce industry events, founded Rent A Gent with the idea that women value looks as well as personality and pedigree. After attending friends’ bachelorette parties, she saw the excitement good looking male entertainers provided, but recognized today’s successful women also need charm and personality from a man in order to have a great time.

Shikhman commented: “I noticed there was a lack of good looking, worldly and talented men available to women. Today’s modern women are looking for something different than what would have satisfied women years ago. So why settle for less if we could have the new level of male entertainment that Rent A Gent provides?”


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