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From the writer and producers of “death of A Funeral” and the Director of “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert”, comes this forthcoming outrageous new comedy about a groom and his so called mates, starring Kris Marshall and Olivia Newton John, by Stephan Elliott.
Presented Out of Competition at RFF 2011, with huge consence by critics, “A Few Best Men” made laugh all the public, celebrating the comedy.
When David travels to Australia to marry the love of his life,

his three best men give a whole new meaning to the phrase

‘for better or worse’.

The chaos‐filled wedding is a classic culture clash

between his friends and her family …

because blood is thicker than water and so are David’s mates!

A Few Best Men” was written by Dean CraigDeath at a Funeral, Off The Hook, Fresh, Caffeine)




Painted Veil).

and produced by the team of Share Stallings (Death at a Funeral, Curious George 2, Curious George TV Series, The Realityand Laurence Malkin (Death at a Funeral, Five Fingers, Soul Assassin,Arclight Films’ Gary Hamilton (Salvation Boulevard, Romulus My Father, Merchant of Venice, The Bank Job), and Antonia Barnard (Burning Man, Last Ride, TheWith a stellar international cast all saying ‘I do!’ A Few Best Men stars Xavier Samuel (Twilight: Eclipse, Bait, Anonymous, 2:37) as the hapless groom, with Elliott’s Easy Virtue star Kris Marshall (Death At A Funeral, Merchant of Venice, Love Actually), British stand up comedian and actor Kevin Bishop (The Kevin Bishop Show, Star Stories, Spanish Apartment, Food of Love) and Australian Tim Draxl (Tangle 2, The Shark Net, Traveling Light, Swimming Upstream) as his delinquent best men.

Elliott has long been friends with Olivia Newton‐John and was determined that she was absolutely perfect to play ‘the mother of the bride’. He was delighted when she agreed to make her Australian feature return as Barbara.

Behind the camera, Elliott amassed an outstanding crew of longstanding collaboratorsand industry greats including the internationally acclaimed Director of Photography Stephen Windon (Fast & Furious 5; The Pacific, The Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift and the upcoming GI Joe 2: Retaliation), Production Designer George Liddle (Daybreakers, Willfull, Dark City) and reuniting with The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert’s Academy Award® winning Costume Designer Lizzy Gardiner (Stealth, Mission Impossible II, Eye of the Beholder), composer Guy Gross (Frauds, The Adventures of Priscilla, Queenand editor Sue Blainey (Easy Virtue, Eye of the Beholder, The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert).Working with writer Dean Craig, Elliott says that the final shooting script was a meeting of their two minds. “Dean has a definite voice and it can be heard loudly throughout the film” said Elliott. “We worked together to ensure his humour and the Australian sensibility went hand in hand” … and of course the sheep ending up in drag was always going to happen!
On screens next Spring, must be seen!

by Ilaria Rebecchi

of the Desert)


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