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Le Guetteur is like a French version of my Crime Novel“. Italian Director Michele Placido told us about his upcoming movie, 'Le Guetteur', presented at the Rome Film Festival 2012 out of competition. An extremely strong spy story about killers, bandits and policemen, in Paris, with co-production by Rai Cinema, RTBF, Canal+, Cine+ and France Television.

Featuring international actors, like Daniel Auteuil and Mathieu Kassovitz, with Luca Argentero and Violante Placido, the movie Is a creepy story on supects, police problems, untold secrets and conspiracies between killers and snipers. The explosive ending may be too much for the audience attention, but the movie embodies the decadence of contemporary society, full of flaws where goods and bads interchange and duplicate.

Director Michele Placido told us: “

This is a movie with moral bases, full of politics in some ways, and I’d love that there’ll be movies like that in Italy too. I’ve worked with French cast, in Paris, telling a story that’s about contemporary story of Europe, I think. We all might tell stories like that, to illustrate our countries.”

And actor Luca Argentero added:”

Michele called me some months ago, asking me if I’d like to join the project. How would I say him no? It’s been a great opportunity for me, working with him is something that leaves you different from behind, and working with the French cast too.”



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