After so many Sofia Coppola’s soundtracks, French synth-pop duo Air has created a forthcoming new album (out on Feb 7) re-inventing their own score for George Méliès‘1902 “Le Voyage Dans La Lune”. The movie’s last surviving color print had been re-discovered in 1993 before   the 2010 Cannes premiere. Air and cinema: so strong union. Related  [ Read More ]


“Senior” – RÖYKSOPP

ottobre - 4 - 2010
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"Senior" - RÖYKSOPP

“Senior” RÖYKSOPP Wall Of Sound 2010 6.5 / 10 The dark alchemy by Röyksopp comes out, again, with an upcoming ep, “Senior”, that closes the circle of electro-ambient-synth-pop experimentations started with the last “Junior”, and, as you are supposed to think, it sounds like the perfect ending of the same dreamlike introspection, instead of the  [ Read More ]