Exploding talent in the last years with success like “Howl”, “Milk”, “Pineapple Express” and the latest “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”, 33 years old James Franco reveals the intimate need to disclose his ideas, disturbances and interests, through cinema and art. At 360°. According to this it can be easy to understand  [ Read More ]

oz franco

After being the presenter, with Anne Hathaway, of the latest Academy Awards 2011 night, also nominated as Best Actor for his role in Danny Boyle’s “127 Hours”, and after the success for his leading role in Allen Ginsberg’s tribute at cinema, “Howl”, about NY beat poets, Californian actor James Franco is ready to announce he’ll  [ Read More ]

Patti Smith: writing a noir book and creating a new album

The headmaster and priestess of post punk wave, Patti Smith has already revealed to the media hat she’s finishing a new book, a mystery story set in London and inspired by Sherlock Holmes, as Agatha Christie, Ian Rankin and Stieg Larsson in the past. “I’m at about the 68% of a real ‘detective story’, based  [ Read More ]