SAATCHI THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME: NEW SCULPTURE 27TH MAY 2011 – 16TH OCTOBER 2011   The exhibition of 20 leading and emerging international sculptors has just concluded. Kris Martin: On top of each large megalith-like boulders that compromise ‘Summit’ is a small paper cross crowning each peak. The pun metaphor portrays man conquering  [ Read More ]


The Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe presents “Power to the Imagination: Artists, Posters and Politics” 18th Mar. 2011 – 13th Jun. 2011. Artists’ posters tell the story of protest, commitment to freedom and human rights, the fight for equal rights and tolerance. The exhibition presents in excess of 180 works by approximately 90 internationally renowned  [ Read More ]


Melissa Jane Robson, aka Stella Vine, is the English artists who works on figurative paintings representing mostly Uk celebrities and old rock stars, with ironic taste and extraordinary success. Stella Vine’s works are today one of the most expensive in contemporary painting, from her Kate Moss’ portrait in Holy Water Cannot Help You (2005) or  [ Read More ]