Catwoman has been played by so many actress over the years, but Anne Hathaway (for next Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rises” – out in a few months), had to prepare studying Hollywood sex icon Hedy Lamarr, used by “Batman” comic book franchise creator Bob Kane as one of his inspirations for Catwoman, along with  [ Read More ]

the dark knight 2

The last Batman for Christian Bale, as he’s recently told after his performance in “The Fighter”. The english actor, orphan of his anti-hero Heath Ledger and of Two-Face / Aaron Eckhart, fot Christopher Nolan’s sequel of “The Dark Knight”, “The Dark Knight Rises”, has commented the rumours about the upcoming movie (ready to be filmed in  [ Read More ]


“INCEPTION” di Christopher Nolan Scardinare le avanguardie cinematografiche, infarcendone i contenuti con sostenuti incroci di meta-cinema, futurismi mentali e simbolismi tecnologici a metafora di un’interiorità sotterranea, latente e manipolatrice, in effetti potrebbe bastare a definire “Inception” l’ennesimo capolavoro di Christopher Nolan, già abbondantemente convincente in prove quali “Memento” e il più recente “The Dark Knight”,  [ Read More ]