Darren Aronofsky – the interview: the “Black Swan”, mirrors, dance and duality The psychological evolution of a fragile dancers introduces you into a kaleidoscopic world of mirrors, choices, ambition, perfection, sexuality, attraction and repulsion, pleasure and subconscious, never ending chilhood, dramatic duality and pathos. With Natalie Portman (excellent), Vincent Cassel, Winona Ryder and Mila Kunis,  [ Read More ]


Presented at the last Rome Film Festival, in November 2010 (also winner of the Golden Prize for Best Movie), written and directed by Olias Barco (“Snowboarder”), “Kill Me Please” is a Grotesque and macabre today story in black and white about Doctor Kruger, headmaster of a very uncommon clinic, where, despite the Hippocrates Oath about  [ Read More ]