Rinaldo Bigi at London’s Italian Cultural Institute Carlo Presenti, director of the Italian Cultural Institute, the Henraux Foundation and the Imago Gallery have opened on Tuesday 18th October the exhibition: “Il Sole delle Mie Radici The Sunlight of My Heritage” The exhibition, curated by Rossana Pittelli, will run from the 19th of October until the  [ Read More ]


CORIOLANUS Schindler’s List and English Patient star, Ralph Fiennes, has made his directing debut with a version of Shakespeare’s Coriolanus, unveiled at this year’s Berlin Film Festival, now presented at the BFI in London. The play tells of a proud Roman warrior who, having been turned out of the city, joins an enemy tribe and  [ Read More ]


From Tennessee Williams, an inventive melodrama referencing him and “A Streetcar Named Desire”, in a story about lust, rivalry and liberation in Kent countryside. A woman (Anna Madeley) is cycling through narrow rural lanes in glorious sunshine, appearing for all the world as a free spirit. She wanders through a busy loading area, where she  [ Read More ]