PULP: the reunion in 2011

novembre - 8 - 2010
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Pulp reunion for live dates in 2011 The band has just announced that they’ll re-form, in the original lineup, to play in about 5 confirmed live dates in the summer of 2011, from London’s Wireless to Spain’s Primavera sound. Jarvis Cocker & friends (Candida Doyle, Steve MacKey, Russel Senior, Nick Banks and Mark Webber) will  [ Read More ]


PHOENIX 23 – interview – Sir Ben Kingsley wanted them for the OST of his “Fifty Dead Men Walking” movie (starring Jim Sturgess – “Across The Universe”, “21” – ) about Northern Ireland troubles. And he got the score! Phoenix 23 are an amazing band from Belfast that will surprise you, song after song. We  [ Read More ]


presenta il suo nuovo progetto Richard Ashcroft RPA & The United Nations of Sound     Dal venerdì in radio nuovo singolo  “BORN AGAIN”   il 20 luglio esce il nuovo album “the united nations of sound”   Sarà in rotazione radiofonica da venerdì, 25 maggio, “Born Again” singolo che anticipa l’uscita di “the united  [ Read More ]