Quartet the movie review by Chiara Spagnoli We are accustomed to seeing Mr Dustin Hoffman in front of the camera ever since he played the young Benjamin Braddock seduced by the sensuous Anne Bancroft-Mrs Robinson in ‘The Graduate’. Today at age 75, Hoffman has decided to step behind the camera for his directorial debut in  [ Read More ]


            The silver screen is accustomed to telling the stories of the rock bands who make it, but director David Case has decided to take a different angle with his poignant, vibrant and sardonic ‘Not Fade Away’. The story seems to draw inspiration from the director’s life, since just as  [ Read More ]

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The noble Squickies will draw us in a compelling battle against the evil Arneos, who have as their mission to swallow the love of the human race. Olivia and Primo two ordinary children, with their frailties and fears but an indomitable courage, will fight side by side with the Squickies, in the name of Love.  [ Read More ]