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The Associazione Culturale Sezione H, with Yourban MusicLab and Schio Comics has organized a brand new event celebrating the cult comic icon Dylan Dog from March 10th to 18th, in Caldogno (Vicenza, Italy). An occasion to meet  the myth and to celebrate the creative artists that have worked through the years to draw and write  [ Read More ]

Hysteria (1)

From Tanya Wexler the movie “Hysteria” reveals the unknown settings of women’s pleasures, in Victorian London full of high classes ready to disappear because of the coming out of suffragettes and females’ rights. Maggie Gyllenhaall, Rupert Everett, Jonathan Price and an extaordinary performance by Hugh Dancy in the real story of Doctor Mortimer Granville who  [ Read More ]


ROMA FILM FESTIVAL 2010: “Dylan Dog: Dead of Night”, “The Pool Diaries”, “Let Me In”, “Gangor”, “La Scomparsa di Patò” e “Las Buenas Hierbas” Horror sull’infanzia, chimica dei sentimenti e delle piante, antropologia e storia pre nazista, femminilità e media in India e Camilleri. Questi i temi salienti della quarta giornata di Festival a Roma, che,  [ Read More ]