Catherine (Deep Silver) is a new digital masterpiece exploring the couple intimacy, betrayals, nightmares and revenge. Created by Atlus with Shigenori Soejima and Shōji Meguro, the videogame (also with some short-movie clips) reveals the story of the 32 years old Vincent in love with his girlfriend Catherine, but, at night, faithless star of nightmares in  [ Read More ]


Presented at RFF 2011, “From Up On Poppy Hill” is the brand new masterpiece by Miyazaki family & Studio Ghibli, directed by son Goro. Set in Yokohama in the year 1963, “From Up On Poppy Hill” is a love story whose main characters are the high school students who were to become the first generation  [ Read More ]


A little idea from the italian writer Lara Manni, has become an effective support  initiative in order to raise funds to send to Save the Children to help Japan in this tragic moment March 11 earthquake, tsunami and the nuclear alert of the last days. Autori Per Il Giappone is a website publishing stories, poems,  [ Read More ]