Lucca Comics 2012 Rebecca Dautremer Amazingly suspended between modern surrealism and childhood stories, we met French artist Rebecca Dautremer during Lucca Comics and Games 2012, where she has a special exhibition at Lucca's Palazzo Ducale, with some of the most important illustrations and paintings from her productin, from Alice in Wonderland to Cyrano. “Wow! I  [ Read More ]

Darrel K SweetTheSlayingofGlaurung

Darrell K. Sweet (1934 –2011), died last December 5th. He’s been one of the most important illustrators in contemporary art, since 1975 covering about over 3000 images mostly for fantasy and science fiction novels, best known for covers of “The Wheel of Time” saga. Here’s only a short gallery of his artistic effort to contemporary  [ Read More ]


From Marvel.com: Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Avengers #12.1, from superstars Brian Michael Bendis and Bryan Hitch. That’s right—two of the biggest creators in comics history bring you the most popularl team of super heroes in the world! The road to the next great Avengers’ epic starts right here with a  [ Read More ]