Alfredo Rapetti Mogol RE-WRITING LIVES curated by MAURIZIO VANNI Lu.C.C.A. Lucca Center of Contemporary Art FROM 23 NOVEMBER 2013 TO 26 JANUARY 2014 What is the role of a contemporary artist and how should he face the society where he lives as a witness of his time? Alfredo Rapetti Mogol is probably not asking  [ Read More ]


  From the typical Argentinian comics tradition toward Italy and Sergio Bonelli's Tex: master comic hero Enrique Breccia, since 1970's pop-comic icon, illustrated King's Road something on his amazing art, also concerning his great exhibition at Lucca Comics & Games 2012. “Comics and paintings are two completely different parts of my work. I can consider  [ Read More ]

lachapelle - RS_ANGELINA_LUSTY_SPRING_FNL_0372X99_copy2

A spectacular anthological journey through 53 photographs by the American artist, from some of his most famous series: Star System, Deluge (Awakened), Earth Laughs in Flowers, After the Pop, Destruction and Disaster, Excess, Plastic People, Dream evokes Surrealism, Art Reference and Negative Currency, along with two tributes to Michael Jackson. LaChapelle is not the photographer  [ Read More ]