VERDENA – interview – As a result of about 4 years of creative sessions, Verdena have just come out with the latest album, “Wow”, a collection of 27 songs, floating from alternative rock to psychedelic essence, from the authoral italian tradition in pop-rock to extremely innovative experimentations in sounds and visionary lyrics. Roberta Sammarelli, the  [ Read More ]


“Cattive Abitudini” – MASSIMO VOLUME

ottobre - 13 - 2010
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massimo volume - "cattive abitudini"

“Cattive Abitudini” MASSIMO VOLUME  La Tempesta 2010 8  / 10 The smell of the absence, and the mute presence. “Cattive Abitudini” is only the latest album by one of the headmaster-bands of italian underground music scene, Massimo Volume, after an eleven-years period of silence. It can be also considered a tribute to Robert Lowell, one  [ Read More ]