Photocall per il film Behind the Candelabra al Festival di Cannes

Steven Soderbergh, Matt Damon, Michael Douglas, Richard LaGravenese and producer Jerry Weintraub attended the press conference for the biopic about Valentino Liberace: Behind The Candelabra. Selected extracts. About Valentino Liberace Jerry Weintraub : I am the only one old enough at this table to have known him personally. He led an extraordinary life. There was  [ Read More ]


“Fourteen Actors Acting” is a project created by New York Times to celebrate the skills of 14 from the most important, influent and able actors of the last generations. Only the actors and their face&eye expressiveness, with movements accmpained and emphasised by the music made by Owen Pallett (perfromed by FILMharmonic Orchestra, Prague), under the  [ Read More ]