Natalie Curtis’ (& more) exhibition, in collaboration with Michael Shamberg Between March and April 2012 Turtle Salon will be hosted by Meter Room (Coventry, UK) and Grey Area (Brighton, UK). A salon in two-parts, the project draws from Shamberg’s sprawling network of artists, friends, projects, & places. Featuring works by Romeo Alaeff, Michael Bartlett, Francis Baudevin,  [ Read More ]


Setting to play live, again, his Joy Division second masterpiece, “Closer” (1980),  after the work on the first album, “Unknown Pleasures”, bassist Peter Hook will be on stage for starting his new tour on May 18, at The Factory, Manchester, with his band, The Light. Adding, a four-song Ep, “1101/2011” will be firstly released on  [ Read More ]