by Ilaria Rebecchi I live in a peaceful place, called Vicenza: it’s a little city full of factories and countryside, where technologies, economy and innovations are the most important things in our lives, even though sometimes it seems to me I live in a very quiet city, where “nothing really happens, day by day”. Nothing  [ Read More ]


ROMA FILM FESTIVAL 2010: “Dylan Dog: Dead of Night”, “The Pool Diaries”, “Let Me In”, “Gangor”, “La Scomparsa di Patò” e “Las Buenas Hierbas” Horror sull’infanzia, chimica dei sentimenti e delle piante, antropologia e storia pre nazista, femminilità e media in India e Camilleri. Questi i temi salienti della quarta giornata di Festival a Roma, che,  [ Read More ]