Extraordinary music-life documentary directed by Oscar winner Director Jonathan Demme, presented in the opening day of the Venice Film Festival 2012. The movie explores life, culture, passion and sociality of great master musician Enzo Avitabile, born and raised in Naples, due to the long friendship between him and the director and following Avitabile through  [ Read More ]


Setting to play live, again, his Joy Division second masterpiece, “Closer” (1980),  after the work on the first album, “Unknown Pleasures”, bassist Peter Hook will be on stage for starting his new tour on May 18, at The Factory, Manchester, with his band, The Light. Adding, a four-song Ep, “1101/2011” will be firstly released on  [ Read More ]


KLAXONS – interview

gennaio - 10 - 2011
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KLAXONS – interview –   From the song Gravity’s Rainbow (2006) the 4 synth-pop-rock guys from London have made lots of chart singles and 2 innovative albums mixing new rave and synth pop cultures in a new flow able to convince public and critics: will they become the sons of New Order? – “Surfing The  [ Read More ]


Peter Hook, JD’s bassist, will spread offer up some Joy Division, performing that band’s classic 1979 debut album, ‘Unknown Pleasures,’ in cities across Italy and America. As if this weren’t gift enough, Hook is giving hope to fans that would like to see New Order — the group that rose from the ashes of Joy  [ Read More ]