“I figli di Baal – La Guida Rossa”: interviewing Francesca Costantino   Meet beautiful creatures is not so common these days, but thanks to the great mother life / earth, pure-hearted people still live. Francesca Constantino, journalist, writer and blogger (www.raccontifantasy.com) is the editor of fashion magazine and editor for Italian publishers. His passion for  [ Read More ]

Darrel K SweetTheSlayingofGlaurung

Darrell K. Sweet (1934 –2011), died last December 5th. He’s been one of the most important illustrators in contemporary art, since 1975 covering about over 3000 images mostly for fantasy and science fiction novels, best known for covers of “The Wheel of Time” saga. Here’s only a short gallery of his artistic effort to contemporary  [ Read More ]

the seventhson

“The Seventh Son” (previously titled The Last Apprentice) is an upcoming fantasy movie directed by Sergei Bodrov (“Mongol: The Rise of Genghis Khan”) for Legendary Pictures. The film is a movie adaptation of “The Last Apprentice”, a series of novel written by Joseph Delaney. The story follows the seventh son of a seventh son as  [ Read More ]