PATRICK MC MULLAN the interview by Chiara Spagnoli from New York city Patrick Mc Mullan, world wide known photographer, columnist and television personality, has the largest collection of topical photo-archives of famous people. His eclectic talent, that embraces all media, draws the best from every human being he meets, be it through a photograph, an  [ Read More ]

© Caitlin Cronenberg

After graduating from Ryerson University with a degree in Fashion Design, Toronto-born Caitlin Cronenberg (Director David Cronenberg’s daughter) decided to pursue a career in photography, a field she has had a passion for since childhood. Starting out shooting for a local community newsmagazine as well as doing freelance work, she has since been published in  [ Read More ]


Well-versed in bringing women of extraordinary beauty to the forefront of mainstream popular culture, Mazzucco searched the globe for the world’s most stunning women to appear in the book. The result is a 248 page collection of color photographs and art pieces showcasing a diverse group of women—some already legendary, some about to become so—who  [ Read More ]