“I figli di Baal – La Guida Rossa”: interviewing Francesca Costantino   Meet beautiful creatures is not so common these days, but thanks to the great mother life / earth, pure-hearted people still live. Francesca Constantino, journalist, writer and blogger (www.raccontifantasy.com) is the editor of fashion magazine and editor for Italian publishers. His passion for  [ Read More ]


The Poetry Brothel, a unique and immersive poetry experience, takes poetry outside classrooms and lecture halls and places it in the lush interiors of a bordello. The Poetry Brothel presents poets as high courtesans who impart their work in public readings, spontaneous eruptions of poetry, and most distinctly, as purveyors of private poetry readings on  [ Read More ]


From the last poem written by the genius of Hart Crane (1899-1932), “The Broken Tower”, will come the title of an Hollywood movie, based on the adaptation by Paul L. Mariani, as a biopic of the poet himself, who gained popularity with his Brooklyn-Bridge inspired “The Bridge”. The movie will mention the Oscar-nominated actor Michael  [ Read More ]