by Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi It is a truth universally acknowledged that the American master of film-making, Martin Scorsese, has always had a reverie for European cinema – as his documentary Il mio Viaggio in Italia demonstrated, through his tribute to Roberto Rossellini. Now it is Poland’s Cinema to get Scorsese’s attention, with an exquisite selection  [ Read More ]


After releasing “Rain” (1998), “The Cathedral” (2002), “Undo” (2002) and “Fallen Art” (2004), Polish art animator Tomek Baginski, Academy Award nominated in 2002, presents his new short-animation-movie “The Kinematograph”, adaptation of a comic with the same title created with a pen and crayon by Mateusz Skutnik and included in the album “Rewolucje: Monochrom”. The projects  [ Read More ]