“Content” GANG OF FOUR Neu Groenland, 2011 post punk To reform or not to reform? That is the question. After “Red Barker Tree”, by The Wire, another hero-band of Uk punk/post punk era has already come back with the reunion, after years of silence. Ladies and gentlemen here you are the Gang of Four, with  [ Read More ]


Setting to play live, again, his Joy Division second masterpiece, “Closer” (1980),  after the work on the first album, “Unknown Pleasures”, bassist Peter Hook will be on stage for starting his new tour on May 18, at The Factory, Manchester, with his band, The Light. Adding, a four-song Ep, “1101/2011” will be firstly released on  [ Read More ]


CLINIC – interview – Liverpool based post-punk band Clinic, combining acid punk-rock influences and electron ics and organs, have created, since 1997 an unique sound that has made them remarkable and noticed at John Peel to Radiohead’s attentions. Now they’re arrived at their 6th studio-album, and Ade Blackburn, voice and founder of the band, reveals  [ Read More ]


Peter Hook, JD’s bassist, will spread offer up some Joy Division, performing that band’s classic 1979 debut album, ‘Unknown Pleasures,’ in cities across Italy and America. As if this weren’t gift enough, Hook is giving hope to fans that would like to see New Order — the group that rose from the ashes of Joy  [ Read More ]


Vans Off the Wall 2010

ottobre - 27 - 2010
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Anti-Flag - pic by Arianna Carotta

  Vans Off the Wall The Milan Tunnel Club is great for punk-rock gigs. It’s just one big room, under the railway, where everything is in full contact with the rest: the stage, the bar, the merchandise desk, the public, the bands. What could anyone desire instead of this? As we enter the italian band,  [ Read More ]

very short shorts - "Background For bank robberies"

  “Background Music For Bank Robberies” VERYSHORTSHORTS Bar La Muerte 2010 voto: 8 / 10 genere: post-rock sperimentale / jazz Piano, violino e batteria, in un incontro ai limiti del punk tra sessioni post industriali e romanticherie jazz, dove l’energia e il dolore compensano la leggerezza e la calma, in una piccola rivoluzione sonora che  [ Read More ]

joydivision closer

“Closer” JOY DIVISION Il 18 luglio di esattamente trent’anni fa usciva Closer, il secondo e ultimo album dei Joy Division. Il disco, registrato ai Britannia Row di Londra nel marzo 1980, fu pubblicato due mesi dopo il tragico gesto di Ian Curtis di impiccarsi nella sua casa di Macclesfield. Inutile fingere che questo sia un  [ Read More ]