“Content” GANG OF FOUR Neu Groenland, 2011 post punk To reform or not to reform? That is the question. After “Red Barker Tree”, by The Wire, another hero-band of Uk punk/post punk era has already come back with the reunion, after years of silence. Ladies and gentlemen here you are the Gang of Four, with  [ Read More ]


CLINIC – interview – Liverpool based post-punk band Clinic, combining acid punk-rock influences and electron ics and organs, have created, since 1997 an unique sound that has made them remarkable and noticed at John Peel to Radiohead’s attentions. Now they’re arrived at their 6th studio-album, and Ade Blackburn, voice and founder of the band, reveals  [ Read More ]


JULIEN TEMPLE – interview – Turin Film festival 2010 Amazingly connected with Detroit’s reality, fascinated by that city, once upon a time the cradle of the American Dream, collapsed and destroyed from a post-industrial city into a location where unhabited palaces, burnt factories and violence are the kings of that kingdom of disillusion, Julien Temple, the  [ Read More ]


THE DONOTS – interview

ottobre - 25 - 2010
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THE DONOTS – interview – Fifteen years career, congratulations! I would like ask you where do you find the desire to be still on the road, to play, to record again? Ingo Donot: Thank you very much! It’s truly a gift that we get to be creative together for such a long time now and  [ Read More ]

Ari Up

ARI UP: the death of the frontwoman of the Slits. Punk rock is dead? Maybe. And maybe the year 2010 will be remembered as the tragic year of the passing away of some punk ‘70s protagonists, from Malcolm McLaren to the frontwoman of cult UK punk band The Slits, Ari Up, died yesterday, at the  [ Read More ]


Questo c’era scritto nel feretro che attraverso le strade londinesi ha accompagnato Malcom Maclaren verso Highgate Cemetery. Non poteva esserci luogo e sepoltura più degna. A Camdem Town centinaia di persone, ovviamente moltissimi punk, erano presenti a rendere omaggio per l’ultima volta al manager dei Sex Pistols. Colui che nel ’77 diede una spallata decisiva  [ Read More ]

misfits - by ambra rebecchi

  THE MISFITS New Age club di Marco Mantovani Una schiera di fan con addosso le loro t-shirt. Da anni i loro gadget vanno a ruba ovunque, simboli di uno stile inimitabile. Se fossero ancora vivi e vegeti solo i defunti Ramones potrebbero giocarsi questo primato. Un sound inconfondibile, punk and roll con affinità metal,  [ Read More ]