Shining Beverly Hills for the 69th Golden Globes edition! The annual awards have been given to the most influent and talented artists, actors, directors and crew for the movies and tv series held in 2011. Here the list of the winners and a special photo-focus for the dreamy look of the stars! Best Actress in  [ Read More ]


Baz Luhrmann is going to direct “The Great Gatsby” remake, based on F. Scott Fitzerald’story, set in Sidney, and in 3D. Director told that this Warner Bros production is ready to start in filming but not in the short time, because of many discussions on it, for example the decision to fix the location in  [ Read More ]


“INCEPTION” di Christopher Nolan Scardinare le avanguardie cinematografiche, infarcendone i contenuti con sostenuti incroci di meta-cinema, futurismi mentali e simbolismi tecnologici a metafora di un’interiorità sotterranea, latente e manipolatrice, in effetti potrebbe bastare a definire “Inception” l’ennesimo capolavoro di Christopher Nolan, già abbondantemente convincente in prove quali “Memento” e il più recente “The Dark Knight”,  [ Read More ]