Toilet Paper, un altro modo per (eco)riciclare le immagini. Ci sono artisti che creano spunti per le riviste, e ce ne sono altri che si inventano riviste per darsi degli spunti. È il caso di Maurizio Cattelan, controverso esponente del panorama creativo contemporaneo, padovano di nascita ma “americano” per scelta, autodidatta e poi manager di  [ Read More ]

herb williams4

Amazing  3D sculptures made by thousands of Crayola coloured crayons, can take nostalgic loving of childhood’s tools and new avant-guard-art searchers be almoust impressed by this 37 years old artist. The Alabama born Herb Williams has created about hundreds of this sculptures, from a nude of Marilyn Monroe portrait, an Obama, some party dresses, and  [ Read More ]


THOM YORKE: artist for 350 Earth

novembre - 29 - 2010
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Radiohead’s leader Thom Yorke, teaming up with 350 Earth Campaign Group project, has created a “human sculpture” depiciting 11th Century Viking King canute in Brighton last weekend. Yorke enlisted volunteers through Radiohead’s website (, to stand in formation the coastal city to create the design which he devised with the band’s sleeve designer Stanley Donwood.  [ Read More ]