RIDI-CUL by Silvana Soffia In the beginning there was the Man, and we all saw that Men’s fashion was good. There used to be no confusion between what a guy should wear and what he actually wore – thumbs down for handbags, strass shirts, pedal pushers (unless you’re a real fisherman), leggings, skirts (except of  [ Read More ]


We have arrived on time. Take a rest, sit down and find a good position, don’t forget to get something hot to drink and finally relax, but please come closer, I have something to suggest you before nosing around. Welcome to the Reign of Melancholy, in the so far Teargarden Land. Let’s take Billy Corgan  [ Read More ]


Toilet Paper, un altro modo per (eco)riciclare le immagini. Ci sono artisti che creano spunti per le riviste, e ce ne sono altri che si inventano riviste per darsi degli spunti. È il caso di Maurizio Cattelan, controverso esponente del panorama creativo contemporaneo, padovano di nascita ma “americano” per scelta, autodidatta e poi manager di  [ Read More ]


Here we go, the 5’th season of Skins is on air on channel E4, UK. So far away, this teen drama from Bristol with love followed the adventures of a few sixteen and seventeen years old schoolmates: Tony, Sid, Michelle, Cassie, Chris, Jal, Maxxie, Anwar and Effy, strongly different one from another, easily framed into  [ Read More ]


I’ve been listening through Lykke Li’s Wounded Rhymes again and again and again, tonight, trying to find the wounds she talks about. They where there, in the depth of I know places’ well. I didn’t use to know her before a friend of mine pulled her name out of his top hat, heartily recommending me  [ Read More ]

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Welcome to the freak show, where every oddity is allowed, where youth and oldness are melt up in a perfect, brilliant shake, where need is not an ancient myth but a way of stylish life, where love, in the end, always wins on everyday’s troubles. Welcome to Chance’s home, a small, messy and cheap detached  [ Read More ]


Pizzeria Kamikaze is a quiet, comfortable place where you can easily find a job afterlife. One of hundreds, thousands bars, clubs or stuffs like those, in a city whit no name, inside a chilled paradise that is just a point of view, the suicide’s one. A matryoshka – shaped maze, not so far away from  [ Read More ]


Stefano Bollani – live

marzo - 16 - 2011
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Stefano Bollani Teatro Filarmonico Verona, March 14 2011 english version – Let’s pretend to be in a different world, a world made up of piano bar only. And, for a minute there, let’s also pretend to profane the “door with no expectation” of one of those clubs, a wooden, tired and stretched out entrance, witness of  [ Read More ]


Book Focus: “Sami Po Sebe – Alone With Ourselves” – Sergej Bolmat – If I was Sergej Bolmat, born in Petersburg, 1960, before starting my Sami po sebe (Alone with ourselves) I could perhaps have fought against the phantoms of Dostoevskij, Tolstoj, Nabokov (still living, at that moment, but already a sort of icon thanks  [ Read More ]