Darren Aronofsky – the interview: the “Black Swan”, mirrors, dance and duality The psychological evolution of a fragile dancers introduces you into a kaleidoscopic world of mirrors, choices, ambition, perfection, sexuality, attraction and repulsion, pleasure and subconscious, never ending chilhood, dramatic duality and pathos. With Natalie Portman (excellent), Vincent Cassel, Winona Ryder and Mila Kunis,  [ Read More ]


Aronofsky’s debut picture under the pact (two-year overall deal) will be “The Wolverine“, starring Hugh Jackman. Written by Oscar-winner Christopher McQuarrie, the film is scheduled to begin production in April next year. The deal solidifies Fox’s relationship with Aronofsky, whose recent films–this fall’s critically acclaimed psychological thriller, “Black Swan“, was produced and distributed by Fox  [ Read More ]