The 24th edition of the European Film Awards, held in Berlin last Saturday, have awarded Lars von Trier with his apocalyptic drama “Melancholia”, and for the Director’s prize,  Susanne Bier for her thriller “In a Better World”. Also British stars Colin Firth and Tilda Swinton won the acting prizes, and “The King’s Speech” won the  [ Read More ]

FOTO Focus - Vetrina THE DEEP BLUE SEA Rachel Weisz (Hester Collyer)

Great event in the collateral section of the Rome Film Festival 2011, Focus Uk, the retrospective “Punks vs Patriots” is an huge study, through cinema, on british society and culture over the last decays, thanks to a selection of movies chosen by today’s well-known artists, from Terence Davies to David Hare, Douglas Gordon and Michael  [ Read More ]


“Fourteen Actors Acting” is a project created by New York Times to celebrate the skills of 14 from the most important, influent and able actors of the last generations. Only the actors and their face&eye expressiveness, with movements accmpained and emphasised by the music made by Owen Pallett (perfromed by FILMharmonic Orchestra, Prague), under the  [ Read More ]