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  In the rich imagination of fashion designer Indra Kaffemanaite, it is all just a game, a love story in which there are no winners or losers, just the intention to ‘borrow’ the shirt from the male in order to transform it, wear it, show it off… and then make amends. And here, the shirt  [ Read More ]


Amour Vert, Glamorous Green

aprile - 18 - 2013
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by Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi Love for green fashion gushes out of Amour Vert’s garments. The brand’s creed is that women shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for sustainability: “We put fashion first, but always employ a zero-waste design philosophy and use only organic and sustainable fabrics along with low impact dyes.” The Ethic Chic philosophy of Amour  [ Read More ]