by Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi Garnet Frost embodies the hopes and fears of our specie: human kind is constantly in pursuit of meaning. The talented young British film-maker, Ed Perkins, conscious of this decided to capture the fantastic modern tale of an older man setting off on a new journey to find a mysterious treasure. For  [ Read More ]


Dan Sickles and Antonio Santini’s sensitive immersion in the transgender community of Puerto Rico tributes and explores how gender dysphoria is a path to self discovery. ‘Mala Mala’ portrays The Butterflies Trans Foundation’s pursuit in line with their motto “Fighting to reach old age with dignity and equality.” The directors of ‘Mala Mala’ share in  [ Read More ]

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LOTUS EATERS by Chiara Spagnoli from NY Once upon a time there was a contemporary Alice in Wonderland who got plunged in London’s West End of wealthy spoilt kids, engaged in procrastination, sex, drugs and ennui. “Lotus Eaters” sets Alexandra McGuinness’ debut as a director through, an incredibly alluring movie, which has had a great  [ Read More ]