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by Ambra Rebecchi

The same night of the inauguration of the third astonishing exhibition in Basilica, in the next rooms it was opened the Museum Of the Jewel , one of the few in the world and first in Italy dedicated exclusively to precious largely female ornaments. It is located within the Palladian masterpiece in the center of Vicenza, covering an area of about 410 square meters fully restored for the occasion. The creators of this amazing museum are Vicenza Fair and the Municipality of the city itself, with the aim of promoting the cultural universe of the gold and jewellery which has greatly benefited the economy of Vicenza through the years. The curator of the museum is Alba Cappellieri, professor of Jewellery Design at the Politecnico of Milan and the most important researcher of jewels in Italy, but great credit to the realization of the grandiose project also went to Patricia Urquiola, the famous Spanish designer and the winner of important awards in the past years relating to the processing of precoius metals.The museum has been developed in order to create an original and heterogeneous cognitive experience of the jewel, through the division into specific rooms dedicated to well-defined themes: the room devoted to the possible future developments of the jewel; art developed through the ornamental form; Italian beauty represented by thejewel masterpieces by our authors; conceptual design and the jewel; the functionality of ornamentation in the years; the jewel as a historical icon; the jewel seen under clear magical connotations; the bijou and the fashion and finally the jewel as a symbol. The Museum of the Jewel proposes itself as an experience of knowledge, and not a mere exhibition of past glories: an interpenetration of different eras and styles, of artists and uses which may sometimes seem incompatible. Everything is favoured by a very innovative exhibition which is able to emphasize the uniqueness of the museum,a new shining stone to be added to the beauty of Vicenza.


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