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From Florence to New York with glamour

The Florentine fashion Brand, ‘To Be,’ has established itself in the course of seven years, through the inspiration of its founder, Simone Vannuzzi. The Tuscan designer has created a sport-glam label by revolutionising the habitual guidelines of casual outfits.

‘To Be’ welds comfort and elegance in the traditional sweater, by using cashmere and silk fabrics, with touches of Sangallo lace and vintage prints. Besides the nifty look, Simone Vannuzzi’s collections are also kind to nature, since he is a great supporter of sustainability and ensures that the chosen materials and manufacturing process are all eco-friendly.

The woman spring/summer 2014 collection, irradiates glee, romance and willpower! London Smoke Grey is the new black, mixed with white, to give a sophisticated allure to the patchwork sportswear. The leitmotiv of the entire collection are pearls, an evergreen of poise and savoir vivre, that adorn coats, skirts and trousers, that may be worn during the day as well as during a formal night in a glossy venue.


Present at New York Fashion Coterie

Show room NY
NY. 469W. 7th avenue
NEW YORK , NY 10001


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