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by Giada Colagrande

Bob Wilson´s Life & Death of Marina Abramovic follows the coming together of director Robert Wilson, performance artist Marina Abramovic, singer and composer Antony Hegarty and performer Willem Dafoe, to create the experimental opera based on Marina Abramovic´s biography. Through rehearsal footage and interviews with the artists as they are making the piece, we get an insight into this unique collaboration: an intimate portrait that reveals the dynamics, excitement and insecurities of making such a poetic and visually stunning theatre work.

“When I heard that Robert Wilson was going to make an opera on Marina Abramovic´s biography, I wondered 'where will the master of artifice meet the mother of reality? Will they marry theatre with performance art or will it be a fight between titans?' Two years later, I realize that what happened is much more mysterious and magic than any answer to my questions. The terrain where Bob Wilson, Marina Abramovic, Antony Hegarty and Willem Dafoe met is a proscenium populated with Abramovic´s life, its characters and ghosts, but also with the lives, characters and ghosts of all the people who worked on it. A chorus of extraordinary artists and musicians contributed in a variety of ways, from epic Balkan chants to electronic music, from dance to vaudeville, to durational performance. The result is so sublime that every time that The Life and Death of Marina Abramovic plays somewhere, even the public sees their life and death on the stage: Marina is the landscape, Bob the mind, Antony the heart, Willem the body. I had the great fortune to closely observe and film this extremely intense artistic collaboration, in which I think all the participants were intimately transformed.” (Giada Colagrande)



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