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Second day of the Italian 68th kermesse of international cinema.
The day already named of Winslet and Madonna.
Starting from the Academy Award winner Kate Winslet, who’s come at the Lido of Venice to present the latest Polanski’s movie, based on Yasmina Reza’s screen adaptation of the smash comedy play “The God of Carnage”, also starring John C. Reilly, Jodie Foster and Christoph Waltz, who’s told us some interesting things about the movie itself, his partners and Roman’s work.

This is a bitterly amusing story of two families who become locked in a bitter showdown after their two young children are involved in a playground squabble. The movie clearly gives at the end some kind of faith for the future, totally different from Yasmina Reza’s play. It puts a light on risible contradictions and grotesque prejudices of four well-heeled American parents. Roman wanted to shot in real time, with only the four of us as protagonists, and an only and unique set-look we’re in.
It’s hilarious in exposing the hypocrisy lurking behind the polite façade under the 4 characters.
it’s based on family and education, but firstly on the same education that most of the parents try to give to their sons, not giving them a real example with the others.
We had four different roles, with different moods and aims. But during the shots we, as actors, have been fixed on our personal personalities. We’ve worked a lot, about 5 weeks knocked in this 4 walls with the crew and Polanski.
We are all 4 parents, mothers and fathers I real life, but about me I can say that if mine would have ever done a thing like the ones in the movie, I’d taken them to the police and visit them in prison!!!
It’s a comedy, a real one, and so, like in life it has spots of fun and others of tragedy and pain.
I’ve done so many different roles in my career but I love so much the comedy, especially when it comes from theatre, like “Carnage”
We had a huge collaborations one each other, and Roman, you know… It’s been an honor to work for and with him, to be part of his project. I, with Kate, have seen him in Paris, at another presentation of “Carnage” in France, and he was so excited and satisfied about the finished work!
I’m sad he can’t be here with us at the Venice Film Festival, but do you think that he’s really not with us? No, no! He’s here, in his work, in our words, in me, and in everyone of you too!”
From theatre to cinema, two families, a great cast and only one camera behind the scenes: Polanski’s back!

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