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Unfortunately I arrived late at the club and the concert had already started. I could not hear the first songs but running and singing at the same time I managed to reach the stage before they end the song “Andate tutti affanculo” which gives the name to their latest album. Latest but not last, because we are already waiting for the next album “Nati per subire” coming out in 2011.
The concert took place at the Magnolia club, out in the park under a big marquee full of people. The sound there was not so good and the lights looked like the ones of a parish concert, but I don’t want to bother you with these “details” because what Zen Circus have to say is with their lyrics and songs, that always involves all the people that crowded their concert.

The perform continued with some old songs such as “Mexican requiem”, “Aprirò un bar” , “Egoista” from the latest album and some unreleased songs from the upcoming album. Until the climax arrived at the time of playing their most famous song, written with Brian Ritchie, “Figlio di puttana”. By this time the singer Appino, in a very affectionate way, stopped the concert and dedicated this song to his father, who came to a son’s concert for the first time.

Later is the time of “Canzone di Natale” that gave the chance to Ufo and Qqru, the bass player and the drummer, to act out a funny sketch in which a drug-addicted guy, the protagonist of the song is talking about ,calls his pusher asking him for drugs and saying to him that he has no money to pay, but gloves which were a Christmas present from his grandmother.

After this comic but at the same time sad and strongly real moment, the concert started once again with all the energy and the intensity that Appino and the others put in every song they play. And this is because every song tells something about the life of each member of the band but also of the audience. Moreover, they all are good musicians and play well their instrument, using simple but effective rhythms without too sophisticated thing but at the same time without being trivial.. When the concert ended it was obvious that the crowd was going to call the band back on stage to continue the concert, and without hesitating they came out and continued with other unreleased songs and some classics.

And as last song before end the concert they took the acoustic bass and guitar and the drumsticks and went in the middle of the audience and with everyone started singing “Ragazza eroina”.

This was a strange way to end the concert, nobody was expecting it. Everyone there was expecting a great final with a powerful song.But this time they choose an original way to conclude the exhibition, creating a closer feeling towards the band, even though the people who were not so close to the stage hardly listened it.

In conclusion, a good band with a strong taken to the people. They know how to play a live concert and to involve the audience with energy, funny but also meditation with easy songs that contains deep and not plaid meanings.

by Marco Lunardon

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